This is an Irish version of the hit BBC 3 series where 8 young people who can’t fend for themselves attempt to do so in a house away from their parents. The twist is that the parents are in the show too, watching as they undertake job tasks, chores etc before deciding who has to leave.

Young and Spoiled (Ung och bortskämd) first aired in Sweden in 2010 and has had 3 successful seasons air since. The series follows young adults who are pampered by their parents. They are sent to a house to live together and become more independent.

‘Young, Lazy and Driving us Crazy’ is the Australian series produced by Matchbox Pictures. All over Australia thousands of baby boomer parents are still raising overgrown kids. These ‘kids’ have grown in age, but that’s about it. They refuse to grow up, get a job and move out of home. But for ten fed up parents, all of this is about to change.