In Young, Dumb And Living Off Mum, a group of 17 to 25 year olds who have been waited on hand and foot all their lives by their worn and weary parents are thrust into the adult world of responsibility, budgeting and hard work. Living on a basic weekly budget, the overgrown children experience a new way of life, poles apart from their previously pampered lifestyles. Competing in challenges set by their parents to test various factors important to adult life – from team work, creativity, cooperation and resilience to good old-fashioned hard work – they try to prove themselves as capable of independence. These adolescents will be tested like never before in the ultimate cutting of the apron strings. Each week the person deemed to be the most useless is sent packing by their parents. For only the kid who can cut it in the world of work deserves the chance to finally fly the nest, and win a prize of a round-the-world trip, as well as earning their parents’ respect.

In Series 1 Dina, Orion, Danielle, Sean, Nicola, Jay, Rachel and Dogan get a shock to the system as they find themselves on the bottom rung of the ladder. Having never held down a proper job they suddenly find themselves working long hours as chambermaids and kitchen staff in a top London hotel; thinking on their feet while putting on a collective fashion show from scratch; teaching and mentoring a class of young school children; and renovating a property with limited resources.

In Series 2 we see more high drama from overindulged young adults…this time the contestants face a variety of challenges including a work placement as teachers in a posh secondary school, working as cleaners and helpers in an old people’s home, and completing a hard day’s graft as florists.

In Series 3 another work-shy bunch are thrown in at the deep end and given a taste of the real world. Who will hack it and who will go home? Things don’t go smoothly when the gang become children’s entertainers for a day, so how will they handle attempting to run a pop-up restaurant and redecorating a house? It’s time to fend for themselves and find out.