Wealthy residents of the glamorous “Golden Triangle” of Cheshire. A world of explosive drama, heated arguments, and where one must keep up appearances.  

The glamourous ladies of Cheshire are back for series 16, launching Monday 20th March on ITVX and ITVBe. The ladies are joined by new Housewife and British Pop Royalty, Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamilton, who wastes no time in navigating a new marriage, surprise baby news and launching her solo career, while making new friends – and foes – amongst the Housewives. Returning to Cheshire are Seema Malhotra, Hanna Kinsella, Rachel Lugo, Lystra Adams, Sheena Lynch, Lauren Simon and Nicole Sealey.


This series friendships are changed forever, relationships are pushed to breaking point, and families are tested, as the ladies of Cheshire experience some life-changing moments this season. The Real Housewives of Cheshire proudly return as the only British faction of this globally successful franchise, and continue to share with the world their glamour, guts and grace while creating some serious laughs along the way!

The Real Housewives of Cheshire fabulousness returns to ITVBe and ITV Hub on Monday 22nd August at 9pm, bringing back the glam to the cam and debuting a new Housewife!


Returning for series 15 of The Real Housewives of Cheshire will be Hanna Kinsella, Lauren Simon, Lystra Adams, Nicole Sealey, Rachel Lugo, Seema Malhotra and Sheena Lynch.


Series 15 welcomes a brand-new Housewife in the form of gorgeous and glamorous mother of one, Katie Alex. She already has strong social ties within the Cheshire community, as she is friends with Hanna and Martin Kinsella and maybe most interestingly, because Katie’s husband Mason was fellow Housewife Lauren’s first love! Also, her professional ties keep her very popular in Cheshire too as she is a renowned medical professional with a successful business specialising in vaginal rejuvenation.


Katie arrives with a bang and soon finds herself in the middle of the drama, as her relationship with Lauren – and her husband – falls under the scrutiny of the group. However, Katie proves to be a classy and confident addition to the Cheshire set, bringing youth, glamour and strong opinions to the series.


But that’s not all…the Housewives also welcome Hanna’s newborn baby girl, Kimia.


Featuring lavish lifestyles, a girlie trip to Malta, dating after divorce, relationship dynamics, parenting, building business empires, health hurdles, husbands & boyfriends as well as dealing with the menopause – this series won’t disappoint! It’s that time again, to find out what fun and games the Housewives get up to in this brand-new series!



Sheena, who makes her debut this series, has been married to Boyzone’s Shane Lynch for 14 years. Sheena was a successful backing singer for Westlife, Blur and Miss Dynamite and now runs a high-end performance car business. She lives in Cheshire with husband Shane and their two children.

Over the course of the new series fans will see the Housewives rocked when Tanya suffers a sudden health crisis, as Lauren takes her first steps into newly single life with daughter Gigi and while Rachel tries to blend her two families while training for an upcoming boxing match. 

Meanwhile, Lystra’s business empire continues to go from strength to strength and an outrageous photo shoot from Hanna raises eyebrows. Seema celebrates turning 50 as she continues to manage her own health issues, and psychic Debbie faces reality when her only daughter finally leaves home. Fans will also revel when Seema takes her fellow housewives on a fabulous trip to Edinburgh, and Lystra, Hanna and Nicole finally manage to bury the hatchet… But how long will it stay buried?  

Hanna Kinsella, Lauren Simon, Lystra Adams, Nicole Sealey, Rachel Lugo, Seema Malhotra & Tanya Bardsley return for the brand new series, along with guest Housewife Ester Dohnalová.

But that’s not all…the housewives will be welcoming two exciting new faces into the Cheshire clique – Hanna’s new-born baby Maximus sets all of the Housewives’ hearts racing from the very beginning. Celebrity psychic Debbie Davies also joins the cast, opening up the spirit world to the Golden Triangle! Will it be celebrations all round or can Debbie predict fireworks?

Despite all the pressures of lockdown, the Housewives re-enter the world looking as glamourous as ever! We kick-off the series with the immediate aftermath of Baby Maximus being born and Hanna adjusting to life as a new mum; Rachel enjoys diving deeper into her new relationship with Nick, whilst Lystra & Seema’s business empires go from strength to strength. Meanwhile Lauren celebrates the completion of her long-running divorce, Nicole tries to stay out of trouble with mixed results and Tanya embraces her new-found faith – much to the surprise of some Housewives!

As lockdown lifts, The Real Housewives of Cheshire finally come face to face as they celebrate the renewal of Nicole and Joe’s wedding vows.

Are Dawn and Rachel able to move on after their argument in Athens? Will Rachel or Ester be luckiest in love? And which Housewife can hear the pitter patter of tiny feet?

After a difficult year, Lauren Simon returns hoping to turn over a new leaf by reinventing herself as a butterfly and throwing a lavish party to celebrate.

Meanwhile Dawn and Hanna’s relationship is back on a collision course, Tanya gets ready to welcome a new addition to the family and Ester has some big decisions to make as she prepares to leave Warford Hall.

The Housewives are also joined by no-nonsense business woman Nicole Sealey but will Lauren embrace her or will the accidental offender cause upset once again?

Dawn Ward, Tanya Bardsley, Rachel Lugo, Ester Dohnalová, Seema Malhotra, Perla Navia and Hanna Miraftab are all back, with Christine McGuiness & Nermina Pieters-Mekic returning as guests. A new Housewife also joins the Cheshire set, Leilani Dowding.

There is never a dull moment in Cheshire, and following Leilani’s arrival, viewers can expect plenty of laughs, loads of drama and more gossip than you can handle!

With glitz, glamour and more grudges than you can throw a Jimmy Choo at, The Real Housewives of Cheshire are back with a bang!

Dawn throws open the doors to Warford Hall and welcomes a VIP lodger – but has she taken on too much and how will the rest of the ladies react? Rachel faces unexpected problems in her marriage as her relationship with Ester sours whilst Tanya’s issues with Hanna take an unexpected turn that start to affect everyone.

Meanwhile Perla encourages the ladies to broaden their horizons with hilarious results whilst Seema battles with her conscience – is she a snitch or just standing up for what she believes in?

The Real Housewives are back and Cheshire is on fire, literally! Rachel’s trust in husband John is dented when she discovers he’s been living a secret life. Tanya’s on the move after disaster strikes, Ester looks for a new lease of life whilst Dawn and Ashley attempt to come to terms with his parents health issues.

However it’s the arrival of two new Housewives that threatens to test the ladies relationships to their limits – could the uneasy peace between Dawn and Tanya be jeopardised forever?

The Real Housewives of Cheshire are back and a surprise birthday party brings all the girls together again. Will Stacey and Tanya resolve their differences elegantly? Have Ester and Nermina truly moved on after their moment of madness? Meanwhile Tanya considers the implications of having another baby whilst Rachel contemplates Cheshire’s latest fashion accessory – a mid-life crisis!

The Real Housewives of Cheshire are back for a brand new series. Whilst old friendships continue to be tested, Tanya faces a dilemma, Dawn’s family have a big decision to make and Ester bounces back with a new revelation. It’s also time to meet the neighbours as two new Housewives join the party.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire is back and it’s bigger, brighter and with even more bitter feuds than before. There’s a new Housewife in town, Ester Dee, who is sure to ruffle some feathers. Cheshire favourites Ampika, Dawn, Lauren, Leanne, Seema, Stacey and Tanya are also back, giving us more exclusive access to life in the Golden Triangle.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire are back as Ampika Pickston, Dawn Ward, Lauren Simon, Leanne Brown, Misse Beqiri, Seema Malhotra, Stacey Forsey and Tanya Bardsley give the cameras access all areas in to their glamorous lifestyles. It’s a brand new series and the camp is still split, with friendships at breaking point. There’s tension, drama and unfinished business as Cheshire’s Golden triangle is set to explode with plenty of high drama, high hormones and high heels.

Series 3 once again steps inside the champagne fuelled lives of Missé Beqiri, Seema Malhotra, Stacey Forsey, Leanne Brown, Dawn Ward, Tanya Bardsley, Ampika Pickston, and Lauren Simon. Throughout the series we’ll get to know these amazing characters and their intertwining lives. In the extreme world of Cheshire’s rich and famous residents, life moves fast and each day has it’s dramas, ensuring every episode will be action packed and entertaining. All with the gorgeous backdrop of the lavish homes and the exclusive locations that these women live in.

Series 2 of The Real Housewives of Cheshire promises to bring audiences a healthy dose of drama, laughs and lavish lifestyles. All six original Cheshire housewives return to the series so audiences will get to re-immerse themselves in the lives of Ampika Pickston, Dawn Ward, Lauren Simon, Leanne Brown, Magali Gorré, Tanya Bardsley and their wide circle of friends in their hectic social scene.

The Real Housewives Of Cheshire documents the lives and dramas of a group of strong determined women each cast for their envious lifestyles, loveable families and compelling narratives. The Housewives love extremes, drink free flowing champagne, live in beautiful homes and wear the most fashionable and outrageous outfits, shoes and jewellery. Throughout the series the Housewives are put through a rollercoaster of emotions including love, hurt, hate, betrayal, good and poor fortune but are bound together by a shared humanity and group experiences.