Seven strangers are brought together and locked in a jury room. They must work together to answer questions correctly and accumulate as much money as possible BUT, only one of them will get the chance to leave the room at the end of the show with that day’s total prize fund.

The members of The Question Jury will have no help or interaction with anyone else, only each other’s knowledge and gut instincts to rely on. They’ll each have the chance of winning up to ten thousand pounds, BUT like a courtroom jury, their answers must be agreed unanimously.

A different foreman of the jury will lead each of the question discussions before submitting a verdict. In each instance, if the foreman can lead the group to a unanimous answer which is correct, they will bank the prize money on offer.

When they reach the final question, they must decide which of them has earned the right to be The Final Foreman and play for the accumulated cash. If the nominated jury member gets the answer right, they could leave with up to £10,000. Get it wrong, they leave empty handed and the rest of the jury will try again with a new member joining them the following day. Each new week starts with a fresh cast of seven starting jurors.