Two pushy mums, two talented daughters – all following the same dream of fame and fortune in the music business. But have the kids got what it takes or are they just doing it for mummy? A team of experts – psychologist, coach and singing professional – will put Claudia (10) and Steph (14) through their paces to discover once and for all if they really are as gifted as their mums believe.

Spending time with the girls and their families they will observe their talent and hectic schedules, and advise mother and child on what they’re doing well and where they’re going wrong. In just two weeks time Claudia and Steph could be performing a showcase in front of some of the music industry’s most influential figures. Can the kids make the grade or is it time for mum to give up the dream? And how easy will it be for these pushy parents to hand over control of their kids destinies?