From Kate Middleton’s 99-year-old great aunt Alice in West London, who thinks Kate’s ‘too good for them’, to her 21-year-old hairdresser cousin Anna from County Durham, Meet the Middletons goes behind the net curtains and into the front rooms of Kate’s relatives, showing the life she might have lived but for a few twists of fate. The film reveals the surprising and often touching family background of the woman who will one day be Queen. It also speaks to other relatives, including Michael, working as a supermarket manager in Wales and realising that from now on ‘our family history is the Royal family’s history’, and Paul, teaching a gym class in Paignton – ‘I mean it’s just bizarre, we’re a family from the North and now one of us is going to be Queen.’

From Kate’s working class mining ancestors in the North East to a whole generation of wealthy industrialists’ sons wiped out in World War I, Meet the Middletons tells a story about the last hundred years of social aspiration and social mobility in Britain, and how Kate Middleton’s rise to the pinnacle of society was possible.