Made In Chelsea is a BAFTA award-winning reality drama following the lives and loves of London’s young socially elite in an affluent pocket of South West London and the world’s premier destinations. They’re immaculately dressed, fiercely ambitious and party hard – but beyond the posh accents, fast cars and polo parties, life isn’t all champagne and canapés.

The gang are back from Bali with a bang and new secrets unravel about Miles and Yas’ hidden relationship, which leave the group convinced they are more than just flirty friends. Maeva and James embark on their new journey as first-time parents, and James decides it’s time to build bridges with old pals… but the idea of a reunion with arch enemy Liv leaves Maeva less than impressed. As Harvey and Gareth embark on the opening of a new bar on the Kings Road, Ollie and Gareth’s surrogacy journey continues and this time with some exciting news for the pair! Meanwhile Paris sets out to protect a friend, which causes a mass divide amongst the girls and Robbie reveals his relationship with Joel is on the rocks, but it is Inga that gets caught up in the crossfire. There’s a new kid on the block, Freddy! Not only is he a very eligible bachelor, but he’s also been known to rub shoulders with Royalty…and he has his eye on one Princess in particular. And while Ruby and Rez navigate new relationships, Harvey decides he is finally ready for something more serious, as romance heats up with a surprising partner!

The gang are back from Mallorca and Emily has some big news, she’s in love again! Will her new man get Miles’ seal of approval…? Meanwhile, having not seen Miles since Mallorca, Issy is keen to see if they can pick up where they left off, but Miles is having doubts and wants to ask some pressing questions. Will Issy have the answers Miles is looking for?

When Robbie and Joel crank up their sex life with the introduction of a third person, Joel quickly starts to have concerns and is left wondering whether he is enough for Robbie.

After hearing from Sam Prince that he recently kissed Inga and wants to make another go of it, Liv learns that Inga has also hooked up with Harvey…and Sam has no idea! Defending her BFF, Liv goes head-to-head with Inga but this gets Maeva’s back-up and sparks fly when they cross paths at Julius’ cricket match.

Having left Willow behind in Mallorca, Julius looks forward to finding someone new in London! That is, until Willow surprises him on his home turf. Will Julius realise that it was just a holiday romance, or will love blossom back in Chelsea?


Love is in the Chelsea air with Habbs and Tiff revealing everything about their upcoming nuptials; from proposals to wedding dresses! Meanwhile Maeva is furious at being left behind so takes matters into her own hands. Will her quest for an engagement be a step too far for James? Digby introduces his new girlfriend Emma to the group, but some of the Chelsea residents are already familiar with her as she happens to be Ollie Locke’s ex. Inga and Sam have rekindled their relationship but has Sam really changed? New romance heats up between Julius and Tabitha and Verity and Miles. A distraught Emily sees her relationship in tatters after she receives a photo of Harvey looking cosy with another girl. Despite Harvey’s pleading, Emily sets out to get to the bottom of what went down that night…

Brand new: A glamorous party brings the whole gang back together in Chelsea, but it’s not long before there’s a dramatic showdown between Miles and Reza. After a lot of thought, Maeva realises that she is unhappy in her relationship with James and decides to take drastic action, leaving James reeling. Ollie and Gareth nervously await the all-important news of whether their surrogate is pregnant and a baby is on the way. Meanwhile, after a tough break-up with Liv, Tristan meets bold and beautiful new girl Nicole. But how will Liv react to seeing him move on when their break-up is still so raw?

Following a dramatic series of tears, drink swills and an extravagant wedding last year, the hit reality series, Made in Chelsea, is to return to E4 Monday 29th March at 9pm. Marking the series’ tenth anniversary this year, things are sure to be shaken up once again!

For the first part of this 12×60” series, some of your favourite SW3 socialites will be swapping the Kings Road for a swanky rural Cotswolds estate, where lovers, exes, friends and frenemies will all be bubbled up under one roof. Expect parties, revelations, tears, dilemmas and more drama than ever before.

Making a dramatic return to the series is Miles Nazaire, who is ready to ruffle some feathers with ex-girlfriend Maeva. Chelsea fave Julius Cowdrey is also back and on a mission to win over his ex-best friend, Liv.

A few new faces will also be making appearances this series including Tiff’s stunning friend Inga Valentiner, who has just returned from living in Bali, as well as Paris’ bestie, Robbie Mullett. There is also a surprise visit from Sophie Hermann’s new love interest, Tom Zanetti.


After a shorter than normal visit to SW3 earlier this year due to COVID-19, the award-winning reality show, Made in Chelsea, is back and bigger than ever.

From the beloved Kings Road haunts, some of our Chelsea favourites are heading to the countryside, to while away the days in two extravagant country manors.

Set amongst lush grounds, swimming pools and tennis courts, the champagne will always be on ice. But whilst the grounds might be tranquil, the residents certainly won’t be, as passions are set to boil over in the summer heat!

Meanwhile, Ollie Locke and his fiancé Gareth are panicking about what to do for their winter wedding, with their plans having been thrown up in the air by the pandemic – will they meet their winter deadline?

Pass the bubbles babe…Binky & Ollie are back for more romance, soirées and unearthed secrets.
MIC faves Louise Thompson and fiancé Ryan Libbey also feature, having made appearances during last series.

Save the date for plenty of gossip, drama and wedding planning, as this series follow preparations for Ollie’s big day, when he’ll tie the knot with his fiancé, Gareth Locke.
Also making a return this series is Binky’s beloved mum, Janey Felstead.

With the dramatic introduction of a few new additions last series, how will the growing Chelsea clique deal with the aftermath of hook ups, break ups and make ups, unearthed secrets and fiery confrontations? Will friendships, that were severely tested, ever be the same? And can new relationships prove they have staying power? The new series promises to kick-off right where it left off and continue to explore more of SW3’s VIP locations.

Heading into new beginnings, can the MIC cast let go of the past? Will old flames rekindle their romance? Will new friendships be formed, or will new battles begin? Can they really forgive and forget? This series will have it all whilst they sip champagne and stroll the boulevards of the world famous Royal Borough.

The Chelsea set are back in SW3 after a drama-packed summer in Croatia, which saw Liv break up with Digby. With the pair attempting to move on, will Chelsea be big enough for the both of them, or will things turn nasty?

Sam and Habbs’ paradise proves to be short-lived when Sam’s multiple infidelities leave Habbs adamant that she will never go back there, but will she stay true to her word? And when Louise and Ryan return to Chelsea engaged, will Sam pull off their dream engagement party and win Habbs back in the process?

Habbs and Miles move in with Harry’s ex Emily Blackwell, but what will Melissa and Harry make of her being back in town? And how will Habbs and Emily cope when Miles proves himself to be a party animal?

Having finally moved on from Frankie, Jamie is keen to introduce holiday romance, Melody, to Chelsea. But will his rushing into things have consequences?

Newly arrived in London, Alik is keen to make amends with Louise and Ryan, but when he overhears a chance remark from Louise, things take a turn for the worse.

Harry is in love with new girlfriend Melissa, but the relationship comes under threat when Mimi has a revelation.

Toff is busier than ever with her new column and seeks out the help of a distinguished friend.

Hot off the plane from Ibiza and still reeling from the fallout, the Made in Chelsea cast are back on familiar territory and ready to take the Borough by storm.

‘Made in Chelsea’ is back with a bump! Series 13 promises soon-to-be parents, cat-fights, glamorous getaways and scandalous secrets, and couples rocked by blasts from the past.

As well as old MiC favourites, there’s some exciting new faces; Ella Willis is known for driving the sterner sex mad, whilst Daisy Robins has a penchant for bad boys. Mimi Bouchard is not afraid of causing trouble, and cheeky charmer Sam Prince is keen to make his mark on SW3.

‘Made In Chelsea’ Season 12 introduces new faces, welcomes returning favourites, and brings plenty of fresh scandal to London’s most exclusive quarter. Over 11 episodes we follow the lives and loves of the VIP party set; sharing in their laughter, tears, trauma, and unexpected romances that push friendships to breaking point. Every loyalty will be tested and every relationship put under pressure. With high-end glamour and endless drama, one thing’s guaranteed – life’s never dull in Chelsea.

Favourites back for more include Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead, Ollie Locke, Jamie Laing, Frankie Gaff, Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo, Louise Thompson, Francis Boulle, Olivia Bentley, Stephanie Pratt, Jess Woodley, Rosie Fortescue, Sam Thompson, Alex Mytton, , Mark-Francis Vandelli, Victoria Baker-Harber, Josh ‘JP’ Patterson, and Tiff Watson.

Familiar faces making a welcome return to the Chelsea fold include Fred Ferrier and Oliver Proudlock while newcomers like songwriter Julius Cowdrey, model Emily Blackwell, party-loving sports agent Akin Solanke-Caulker, and Nick Summerfield are sure to stir things up.

Opening with plenty of nudity, Series 11 brings the sort of eye-popping scandal Team SW3 are renowned for. Expect hooks ups, fall outs and awkward dates, set against classic Chelsea backdrops plus the Maldives and a whole host of countryside retreats. As well as old favourites, we are introduced to Frankie Gaff, the object of Jamie’s affections, feisty Olivia Bentley who is never short of an opinion, and handsome lothario Matthew Draper.

The gang has left surfboards and wheatgrass shots behind and is back in good old Blighty, with Spencer ready to greet them! But, if you think that means they’ll all be high-fiving next to Chelsea railings, you’re sorely mistaken.

Along with tears and tantrums, this series brings a host of faces, new and old, with the long-awaited return of SW3 veterans Ollie Locke, Richard Dinan, Oliver Proudlock and Francis Boulle; plus a slew of new Sloaners stepping on the scene: Sam Harney, Emma Walsh, Brigita Baniunaite, Tallulah Rufus Isaacs and Lily Ludovici Gray.

Series 9 brings with it a host of new faces including Jess, JP, Emily, Millie, James and Elliott. Kicking off in the sunny surroundings of Barbados, viewers get the chance to meet some of the newbies and are reunited with their favourite faces from the show. With fun, drama and new relationships blooming, the SW3 favourites will continue to frequent their favourite stomping ground in style.

The gang are back from the Big Apple and are reunited with Andy Jordan who has spent the summer in Devon. As Lucy and Proudlock become SW3’s newest will-they-won’t-they couple, Louise has brought her American boyfriend Alik back to Chelsea and the honeymoon period is soon over when their romance is rocked by revelations of cheating and betrayal. Meanwhile Sam Thompson makes a brave choice as he sets his sights on Lucy Watson’s little sister, Tiffany, while the return to Chelsea of Stephanie Pratt – and her instant attraction to new boy Josh Shepherd – threatens to cause trouble for Stevie.

There’s a storm coming to the Royal Borough. Our stunning Sloanes are back for our most dramatic series yet, as Chelsea is ripped apart by rumours, revelations and relationship-breakdowns. Binky’s relationship comes under seemingly relentless fire, as a steady stream of cheating allegations is levelled against boyfriend Alex. And as she battles to save her relationship, her friendships come under threat. Meanwhile, new girl Riley gets caught in the crossfire as Jamie and Lucy attempt to move on from each other with questionable success, and the return of Stephanie Pratt spells bad news for Spencer, but good news for another old Etonian…

Last series left us with cliff-hangers, brewing tensions and unanswered questions. Now, your favourite group of socialites and heartbreakers are back – and this time the drama is more explosive than ever. As Andy struggles to get over Louise, the revelation that she’s hooked up with Spencer again destroys all hope of a reunion between the troubled pair. Meanwhile, Binky and Alex embark upon a new relationship as Jamie and Lucy play games of will-they-won’t-they that threaten to ruin their friendship as well as any hope of romance.

The well-bred and well-heeled of Chelsea are back on the scene and back on our screens in the fifth successful series of the BAFTA-winning show. After the explosive revelations of the Christmas party at the end of last series, tensions are still running high.

Our favourite glamourous globe-trotting socialites are back in Chelsea and some new faces are on the scene. In this series, Andy Jordan and Stevie Johnson are quick to get settled into the Chelsea party circuit. There are some new Girls about town as well: Sophia Sassoon and feisty Lucy Watson who’s definitely going to ruffle some feathers.

The beautiful and affluent Chelsea players are back for a third series. Hearts continue to be broken, heels remain high and the only things sharper than their suits are their tongues.

Is Caggie coming back? Has Spencer moved on? Is Hugo still smitten by Millie? Are Amber and Mark-Francis about to conquer the fashion world in camel? Is Francis still ripping up the skate parks of SW3? Joined by some lovely shiny new cast members in the form of Ollie, Jamie, Victoria, Chloe and Louise, the King’s Road totty is back!!!

The cast, in their early 20s, include: Polo playing, diamond mining heir Francis Boulle; Pop starlet and heartbreaker Caggie Dunlop; her mischievous party partner Milly Mackintosh; Ladies man and A-grade Harrovian Hugo Taylor; his best mate and broker, Etonian Spencer Matthews; Spencer’s girlfriend, dancer Funda Onal; Fashion student and Founder of online jewellery boutique MyFlashTrash, Amber Atherton; Goldsmiths student and Chelsea’s very own gossip girl Rosie Fortescue; Bi-lingual International Model and Pianist Fredrik Ferrier; Wildchild socialite Alexandra Felstead (AKA Binky) ; ‘Girl About Town’ blogger Francesca Hull; flamboyant party host Ollie Locke and Greek chart-topper Gabriella Ellis.