Made In Chelsea is a reality drama following the lives and loves of London’s young socially elite in an affluent pocket of South West London and Europe’s premier destinations. They’re immaculately dressed, fiercely ambitious and party hard – but beyond the posh accents, fast cars and polo parties, life isn’t all champagne and canapés.

Viewers will see the real-life rivalries and relationships that set tongues wagging and phones beeping behind closed doors on the Kings Road. Every love-in, fall out and bitch fest will be captured on camera.

The gang escape winter and jet off to beautiful Bali! Just as Emily begins to enjoy building back a friendship with Harvey a fresh wave of cheating rumours reaches her, detailing more things Harvey supposedly did during their time together. Will Emily finally hear the truth about what happened from Harvey, and will she ever be able to forgive him? Meanwhile Jordan, the new love of her life, flies out to surprise her – but will he be caught in the eye of the storm?


While one feud ignites it looks like another is coming to an end…Julius reaches out to Inga to offer an olive branch – what he doesn’t bank on is a repentant Sam is also looking for peace – or is he? Can the wind up merchant Sam really find it in his heart to end the feud with Julius?


Feeling stronger than ever as a couple, Sam and Inga look forward to a drama-free time together… Meanwhile Lily has other ideas! Lily’s friend Arabella admits to fancying Sam and reveals that she suspects he might feel the same…given that he has recently been liking her bikini photos on social media…


Meanwhile, having left London excited to see what happens on the trip with Harvey, Yasmine is shocked to learn that he has kissed Issy on the first night on the island! What will this mean for Yasmine and Issy’s friendship?


Issy is convinced that Yasmine has been secretly hooking up Miles back in London and decides to call them out…


Just when you thought it was safe to take your summer holiday again, the SW3 gang are descending upon an exclusive area of Mallorca for a summer series like never before.


The Chelsea socialites will be packing their cases and soaking up the sun in two glamorous villas for a spot of Balearic bliss. But as the series promises the usual cocktail of love, laughter and drama, will tensions rise when a mysterious ex-girlfriend re-appears, will relationships be put to the ultimate test and will any old wounds be re-opened?


Maeva and James return from their Italian road trip to join the group on the stunning island of Mallorca, bringing with them the surprise news of their engagement!


As Miles and Emily’s flirty friendship continues and the group tease whether romance will blossom this summer…Miles admits to Gareth that he is beginning to see Emily in a different light…


Meanwhile a carefree Julius thought he was escaping to the island for a Summer of fun – and potentially love – but little did he know a big secret about his not-so-distant past would be revealed…  India, a model he has secretly been dating for the past two years, has arrived on the island as is ready to call Julius out for his behaviour in keeping her behind closed doors whilst dating other girls. Meanwhile Tristan encourages India to stay for the summer…


According to Reza the summer in Mallorca is ‘make or break’ for his relationship with Ruby. This however is news to Ruby who has been focusing on moving forward in their relationship. The pair come to blows when she finds out they are on different pages.

Plus, four new faces will be joining the gang out in Mallorca…



The Chelsea residents uproot from SW3 and head to the Southern Hemisphere for a trip to Buenos Aires. As new romances turn up the Latin heat, others don’t fare so well away from home. Expect tempestuous tangos, feisty fallouts and holiday hookups as the gang live la vida Latina.

As the Chelsea set head to Hvar Island in Croatia for the summer season, Olivia is keen to make amends with Sam after their dramatic fall out. But will either of them pluck up the courage to apologise?

Jamie is becoming increasingly aware of Miles’ flirty nature towards his girlfriend Ell, and is having a hard time trusting his intentions, while Habbs is enjoying her summer with Sam, unaware that he’s been withholding a secret that may completely ruin their blossoming relationship.

‘Made In Chelsea: Ibiza’ sees our jetsetters swap the Royal Borough for Ibiza where they mix luxurious relaxation with rivalry and romance. We join them for an exclusive look at the undiscovered side of the island but it’s not all fun in the sun as friendships and relationships are put to the test – and not all will survive in the heat. As Sam Thompson pushes relationship boundaries with a forbidden romance, Liv looks for love, and flirty Harry plays two best friends off each other, there’s plenty to keep the Chelsea set gasping and gossiping over cocktails.

The South of France has long been known as the playground for Europe’s rich and fabulous but nothing could prepare it for this summer of love, betrayal, and scandal. Over six weeks the mischievous Chelsea set make new friends, create fresh enemies, and face surprises from their past. With summer romance on the cards and friendships in jeopardy, one thing is for certain – nothing will be the same again.

Touching down for parties and patisseries are Jamie Laing, Binky Felstead, Ollie Locke, Alex Mytton, Sam Thompson, Tiff Watson, Louise Thompson, Stephanie Pratt, Frankie Gaff, Jess Woodley, Georgia Toffolo, , Olivia Bentley, Matt Draper, Victoria Baker-Harber, and Riviera regular Mark-Francis Vandelli.

Set to join the fun are new (and attractive) faces Lukas Avalon, Maxence Benkeo De Saarfalvay, Yacine Chariba, and Ryan Libbey along with blasts from the past Francis Boulle and Alik Alfus.

Made in Chelsea returns for its six-part summer special, Made in Chelsea: LA. Prepare for tears, laughter and drama as our Chelsea regulars hit the LA scene with a bang. With new friends, hangouts and hobbies, it is set to be a summer never to be forgotten.

Flying in to shake up LA “Chelsea style” will be Londoners, Lucy Watson, Mark-Francis Vandelli, Binky Felstead, Louise Thompson, Jamie Laing, Alex Mytton, JP, Jess Woodley, James Dunmore, Josh Shepherd and Toff and American favourites Stephanie Pratt and Alik Alfus.

With a heaving social scene, the Made in Chelsea girls and guys have met some new faces along the way. Cue Naz Gharai, Bryan Mione, Cody Weselis, Noah Bewley and Olivia Fox.

In search of the summer of a lifetime, our enviable elite head to The Big Apple, ready to take the greatest city in the world by storm. Bigger portions, bigger parties…bigger dramas; the city doesn’t know what’s about to hit it. Newly single, Binky distances herself from her previous relationship dramas, and tries to make a new start in a new city. But will Alex’s surprise appearance stateside derail her progress? Meanwhile love is in the air, as Stevie and Spencer fall for the same American Beauty, and Louise acquires herself a charismatic New Yorker boyfriend…