Julian Clary’s Showbiz Hissy Fits takes an entertaining and comic look at his favourite celebrity showbiz tantrums. Julian guides us through those great moments when music and screen legends suddenly replace their sense of humour with ridiculous demands, childlike strops, verbal tongue-lashings and on occasion physical violence against interviewers, journalists, and even each other.

The programme mixes interviews with key witnesses alongside their own interpretations of fabulously memorable moments; including Elton John’s explosive outburst at a foreign airport, the Bee Gees storming off Clive Anderson, Bjork attacking a journalist, Joan Rivers and Beryl Reid spatting on Wogan, Cher lashing out at the paparazzi, and Meg Ryan sulking on Parkinson. We also see how to have a celebrity hissy fit when Julian tries it out in the real world in some hidden camera antics. With contributions from Joan Rivers, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Boy George, Julian Clary salutes his personal queen bees of divadom.