Henry VIII is alive and well and living in a suburban semi with his long-suffering sixth wife, Catherine Parr. Henry lives his life on-line – from insulting people on Facebook and surfing for honeys to getting blocked on Twitter.

All in all he’s very much the modern man – he likes: Top Gear, Kings of Leon & Sunday roasts. He dislikes: Michael Buble, IT Helpdesks and Lily Allen’s manager.
Eat your heart out David Starkey – here’s the real thing.

It’s summer 2010 and Henry is back on our computer screens for a summer of fun. Henry and his wife, Catherine Parr, are still alive and living in suburban England.

All monarchs worth their salt have a summer retreat and Henry and Catherine are no exception. But while The Queen and Prince Phillip have Sandringham to retire to when the weather finally becomes clement, our royal couple have to make do with Sandy Hole, a small caravan park somewhere on the south coast of England.

A Tudor Holiday finds the King waging war on his neighbours, trying his hand at karaoke and crazy golf as well as getting a little too enthusiastic about Wimbledon.