Comedian Al Murray’s Showbiz Fights is an irreverent and entertaining rundown of the best celebrity kicks and punches to be caught on camera. Al guides us through the spats, the slaps, the punches, the put downs and the out and out physical violence that happens when celebrities lose their calm, cool poise and act like a bunch of teenagers who’ve drunk too many alcopops.

These are not the professional boxing fights of Ali, Bruno or Tyson – these are the flare ups caused by a loss of temper from the likes of Cantona, Prescott and er…Tyson. Al interviews some of the fighters, the victims, the witnesses and the experts and comments on their technique, their balletic poise but most of all, how much of an idiot they made of themselves in public.

He also has a go at stunt-fighting and takes his fighting prowess out into the streets to see if he can fool the paparazzi with a public scuffle. From the verbal tongue-lashing of Lizzie Bardsley in Wifeswap to Robbie vs Liam; McEnroe vs everybody; John Prescott vs the egg thrower and the extraordinary group fight that occurred at the Tyson-Lewis press conference, Al gives us his unique and comic take on the moments when the famous became infamous. Al also takes a look at the best showbiz TV and film fights and finds a very novel way of bringing to the screen those famous celeb fights that were never caught on camera including Jordan vs Posh. With contributions from Lizzie Bardsley, Chris Eubank, Tony Banks, Annabel Croft and Ron Atkinson.