1. What Is The Purpose Of This Document?

Monkey Kingdom Limited is committed to protecting the privacy and security of the personal information of its workforce. This privacy notice describes how we collect and use personal information about the cast and crew of our programmes in addition to members of our production team in the context of our working relationship (“workforce personal information”). It also explains your rights under EU data protection law.

This notice applies to cast and crew and members of our production teams who may be current and former fixed-term employees, contractors, consultants and workers (including agency workers), and who do not form part of any contract of employment or contract to provide services.

In this notice we will use the terms “Monkey Kingdom Limited”, “we”, “us” and “our” to refer to the company that employs you or engages you to provide services to it (as the case may be), and other companies in the Monkey Kingdom Limited group of companies.

Monkey Kingdom Limited is the “data controller” of your workforce personal information. This means that it is responsible for how it holds and uses personal information about you.

It is important that you read this notice, together with any other privacy notice that we may provide on specific occasions when we are collecting or processing personal information about you, so that you are aware of how and why we are using such information. We may update this notice at any time.

2. Data Protection Principles

We observe the following principles in relation to workforce personal information:

  • We use it fairly, lawfully and in a transparent way, in accordance with applicable law.

  • We process it for specific legitimate business purposes and do not process it in a manner incompatible with those purposes.

  • We collect only personal information that is adequate, relevant and not excessive for the purpose for which it is processed.

  • We keep it accurate and (as necessary) up to date, and will rectify or erase inaccurate data without undue delay.

  • We keep it only as long as necessary for the purposes we collected it for.

  • We take steps to keep it secure.

  • We respect the rights given to individuals under data protection law.

  • We will only transfer it to countries outside the European Economic Area if we have in place adequate measures to protect our workforce’s data protection rights and the security of their data.

When we use the term “process” in relation to your personal information, we mean any action that can be taken in relation to data, such as collection, access, storage, modification, correction, disclosure and deletion.

3. The Kind Of Information We Hold About You

Monkey Kingdom Limited collects, stores and uses various types of personal information about its workforce. This information will have been collected through the engagement process, either directly from you or (where applicable) from an agency or consultancy, production service company, background check provider or from referees. We will collect additional personal information in the course of job-related activities throughout the period of you working for us.

The kind of information we hold may include, where applicable:

  • Contact information such as name, home and business addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.

  • Financial information such as salary, remuneration, bank account details, payroll records, national insurance number and tax status.

  • Employment or Engagement administration information (as applicable) such as copies of “right to work” documentation (including passports and visas), driver’s licence (if the role involves driving), statement of health forms, DBS checks, background screening results and references.

  • Production related information such as photograph, likeness, voice, accent, biography, age, clothes size, measurements, complexion, film and sound recordings made in connection with the film or programme and social media handles and/or other information specific to the programme on which you are engaged .

  • Career information such as job titles, organisation hierarchy, work history, start and end dates, work location, your engagement contract, service agreement or any other contract we have signed with you, performance information, details of skills, qualifications, experience and preferences, absence and leave records, professional memberships and termination details.

  • Information about your use of company information, communication and collaboration systems (where relevant and permitted by local law) such as user IDs, passwords, IP addresses and audit trails of system access.

  • CCTV footage and other information obtained through electronic means such as security pass records.

  • Information about business travel and expenses.

We may also collect, store and use the following “special categories” of more sensitive personal information:

  • Information about your health, including medical conditions and other information provided in statement of health forms, disability status, health and safety incidents or accidents, psychological assessments, sickness records and health issues requiring adaptations to your working environment or working practices.

  • Information about your race, national or ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or moral beliefs, political opinions, sexual life, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

  • Union/Guild membership.

  • Results of DBS checks

4. What Will Monkey Kingdom Limited Do With Your Personal Information?

The main purposes for which we use workforce personal information include:

  • Workforce management and administration including training administration, processing invoices, managing leave, scheduling, feedback surveys, performance management, investigating and resolving queries, complaints, issues and concerns raised by other personnel, providing references, managing our workforce in light of legal and regulatory requirements and changes, succession planning, planning changes in organisation structure and preparing analyses and reports related to the above.

Typically, we will need to process your personal information in this manner in connection with your contract, or to further our legitimate interests. These interests include supporting and compensating our workforce and managing their performance and any issues raised. We also have legitimate interests in performing business management and planning activities, including accounting, auditing and reporting.

  • Film or television production, including developing, producing, insuring, financing, publicising, advertising and exploiting the film or programme, any derivative products thereto and any allied or ancillary rights.

We will process your personal information in this manner to further our legitimate interests in ensuring the success of our productions and managing related risks.

  • Performance of Monkey Kingdom Limited’s business operations such as providing, managing and supporting our information and communication systems (such as laptops, telephones and our corporate email, intranet, collaboration and storage systems), maintaining unit and cast lists, data administration, crisis management and contacting or assisting personnel in emergency situations, managing and protecting intellectual property, arranging travel, processing travel and expense claims, analysing and reporting on spending for expense management purposes, managing the environmental impacts associated with Monkey Kingdom Limited’s operations, protecting and monitoring the occupational health and safety of our workforce and preparing analyses and reports related to the above.

We process your personal information in this manner on the basis of our legitimate interests in ensuring our company is properly and efficiently administered and operated.

  • Legal and regulatory requirements such as our contractual obligations to those who develop, commission and finance our productions, our obligations to our production insurers, our obligations to regulators (including Ofcom), our obligations under anti-bribery and corruption laws, tax and social security obligations, ascertaining workers’ rights to work, visa and immigration status, dealing with litigation and other proceedings and claims, responding to and cooperating with legal or regulatory requests and investigations, participating in due diligence activities for the sale, purchase or reorganisation of a business, investigating and preventing fraud, avoiding conflicts of interest, operating an integrity helpline, conducting internal investigations and audits and ensuring compliance with policies, guidelines and contracts.

We will process your personal information in this manner: to comply with legal and regulatory obligations; where necessary to defend or exercise our legal rights; and where we have legitimate interests in protecting our organisation, in investigating and resolving issues and concerns and in conducting or responding to audits and legal or regulatory requests and investigations.

  • Security management such as to ensure production security, network and information security (including preventing unauthorised access to our computer and electronic communications systems and preventing malicious software distribution), monitoring (including through use of CCTV) and controlling access to company premises and locations, monitoring your use of our information, communications and collaboration systems to ensure compliance with our IT policies and to prevent data loss and corporate device management. In most cases, it will be necessary for us to process your personal information in this manner as we have a legitimate interest in protecting our premises, assets, information and personnel from physical and cybersecurity threats.

  • Marketing such as using contact data to communicate with our workforce about Monkey Kingdom Limited products and services, where permitted by local law.

Special categories of more sensitive personal information require higher levels of protection. We need to have further justification for processing this type of personal information, for example, where we need to process it to carry out our legal obligations, exercise rights in connection with your employment or engagement, to protect your vital interests if you are unable to provide consent, where you have made the data public yourself, where we need to process it for reasons of substantive public interest, or where we have your explicit and informed consent. Where we have asked for your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

We will use these special categories of personal information in the following ways:

  • We will use information relating to leaves of absence, which may include sickness absence or family related leaves, to comply with (and exercise rights under) employment and other laws, and for payroll calculations.

  • We will use information about your physical or mental health or disability status to ensure your health and safety in the workplace and to assess your fitness to work and/or to appear in our films and/or programmes, to provide appropriate workplace adjustments and to monitor and manage absence. We will process your personal information in this manner to comply with (or exercise rights under) employment and other laws and our contractual obligations, and if necessary to protect your vital interests.

  • We will use union/guild membership information to register the status of a contractor and to comply with union/guild and legal obligations.

  • We may use information about your race, national or ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or moral beliefs, political opinions, sexual life, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression for equal opportunities monitoring and/or for the casting of our films and/or programmes.  We will do this if we are allowed to do so for reasons of substantive public interest or with your explicit and informed consent.