Pete Wicks and Sam Thompson to present Reality News on E4


We know it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the gossip and drama from the world of reality TV. But fear not, TOWIE’s Pete Wicks and Made in Chelsea’s Sam Thompson have the perfect solution – and it’s launching this month!

Following the hugely popular Instagram series, of the same name, the 12 x 15” series will build on its triumphant success across the breadth of E4’s digital and linear platforms. Pete & Sam’s Reality News will launch on Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram and All 4 from Monday 25th January 2021 and will also air on E4 at 11pm each week.

Across each episode, the self-described z-listers will anchor the news service providing you with all the essential information – including high and lows, rows and reconciliations from the hottest reality TV shows.

The duo will bring their unique charm and honest opinions to some of the most laugh out loud and outrageous stories making the headlines. The boys will also be joined by celebrity guests, conduct some juicy interviews and give a platform to up and coming comedians and presenters.

Sam Thompson commented, “It’s a dream come true, who would have thought I not only get to work with my best mate Pete, but thanks to Channel 4 we get to bring the best reality news to the masses!”

Pete Wicks commented, “Can’t quite believe it, I give us four weeks before we’re taken off air…”

Navi Lamba, E4’s Digital Commissioning Executive said, “I’m so excited that we’ve been able to take the success of Pete & Sam’s Reality News on Insta and make it bigger, better and bolder than ever before, with E4’s social platforms in mind. The launch on Snap in particular means we’re going to be able to reach the young people that love them.”

David Granger, Monkey’s Creative Director and Executive Producer said, “We’ve loved working with Pete & Sam on Reality News on Instagram and millions of views suggests lots of others have enjoyed it too! We are overjoyed that E4 is joining in now too and will be spreading Reality News even wider and across multiple platforms. Watch out CNN!”